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FTPWatcher™ is a low-cost, security aware and low maintenance approach to online data exchangeIt reduces the administrative overhead associated with standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) solutions.  Once a file is received, FTPWatcher detects it, moves the file to a different location and alerts the end-user of the new arrival.  

File Transfer Analogy

Imagine a client wants to send you a package but there isn't anyone available at your shop to hand it to.  So the client decides to leave the package near the backdoor in the hope that you will find it.  However, unless you check the backdoor for new packages as part of your standard work procedures, there is really no way for you to know that the package is there.  Further, the package is sitting in an area that is accessible to anyone that walks by and a lot of people are interested in the package.  Needless to say, the backdoor is not really the place to store new packages if you don't want just anyone to have access to them.  

The above analogy is pretty much the way it works with most file exchange systems as they are set up on the Internet today.  Your clients need to call you and obtain a user ID and password that you need to set up on the server.  Then, the client can log in and transfer their file.  You must sign-on to the server and check periodically to see if any new files have come in. Checking for new files can be fairly work intensive depending on how you have setup your incoming file accounts.  Of course you could depend on your clients to call you when they have transferred a file.  Or you could have all your clients share the same upload folder.  Then the problem is you can't really secure each client's file without ending up in a file-level permission nightmare.

FTPWatcher - A better way to receive client files!

Now imagine a guard standing at your backdoor.  This guard has multiple functions.  First, he watches the backdoor for new packages. If a package arrives, he picks it up and stores it in a secure area inside your office.  Then, he writes a note telling you where to get the package and calls you on the phone until you acknowledge you have received the package.

But wait!  There is more to his job!  The guard keeps track of all packages that are temporarily stored in the secure location.  Whenever a new package arrives, he reviews the list of packages already stored in the office.  If the newly arrived package is named the same as an existing package, the guard marks the new package with a unique identifier - package name and arrival date/time.  The notification you receive includes this identifier so you can retrieve exactly the package you are looking for.  The guard is doing exactly what FTPWatcher does for you!

What are the Technical Requirements for FTPWatcher?

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What about security?

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How do I obtain FTPWatcher?

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