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PSched™ is a job scheduling tool specifically developed for the printing industry.  

It makes placing work on your production schedule a snap!

PSched provides many productivity features from integration with your current order estimating program to tracking the job status and managing the proof process.  It reduces the complexity of scheduling and watches a multitude of typically difficult to track conditions.  PSched's graphical user interface allows all levels of users to feed and manage the workload in your company - whether they are novice customer service reps, executives or highly skilled schedulers.

PSched approaches scheduling from a business perspective.  

While many of the scheduling programs on the market focus on "by the minute management" of individual tasks, PSched allows for flexibility and Department Manager discretion.  

PSched helps you address your real business issues:

  • How much time is available to sell?

  • How can you best use your personnel and equipment  (resources)?

  • What is currently going on in the shop?

  • When can what work be done?

  • What is the status of all jobs right now?

  • Who is working on what?

PSched constantly watches user activity and alerts the users of broken business rules (pre-determined by YOU!).   

Some of the alerts include:

  • Workflow Alerts (such as, padding is scheduled before printing)

  • Overtime Alerts (notifies you of  unplanned, unpaid overtime being scheduled)

  • Weekend and Holiday Alerts (identifies work being placed on non-work days such as Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

  • Hot-Job Alerts (indicates jobs that need special attention)

  • Boundary Checks and Alerts (such as work that is scheduled manually after the due date or before the current date)

  • Late Proof Reminders (indicates job that should have been approved today but were not)

  • Work Status Alerts (flags work scheduled to be done today that is not marked completed)


PSched also monitors and displays the current department/resource utilization in a manner that allows you to assess the shop's schedule for a week at a glance...without getting lost in details!

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Have an existing computerized Order Estimating Program?

Don't get pushed into replacing your current systems because you want a good Job Scheduling System. PSched's open interface offers fast integration with existing order estimating programs.

Have implementation and support questions?

You're not alone! We offer a variety of implementation and consulting services to maximize the return on your investment in PSched. 

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Want to know about User Training?

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Want Shop Floor Data Collection?

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