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How much does PSched cost?

Value for the money is something we are all interested in!

With this in mind, PSched licensing has adopted the Utility Pricing Model.


"Utility" simply means that you pay for what you use!  

                                                    - Just like your electricity or water bills.


Many companies shy away from a large up front investment in Software products. 


Therefore, at In Scope Solutions, Inc. we charge a 


                Flat Fee of  



                                                  per scheduled job for the smallest installations.


                    (Each job is counted only once, so rescheduling a job will not increase your cost)


* We offer volume discounts to offset the increasing cost as job volume increases. 

Ask us to give you a quote for your specific job volume estimate.


In addition we charge a one time $120 setup fee when you first install PSched**.

To ease the pain of Software deployment, Installation, Configuration and Training Services are available at separate charges upon request. 

A pre-installed, configured and tested Server Appliance is also available to simplify the deployment even more.


Utility Pricing Option: 

Utility Pricing
One Time Setup Fee** $ 120
Per Job Charge Server & 
unlimited Client Licenses
Server & 
unlimited Client Licenses &
Shop-Floor Data Collection

Charges will be calculated and billed on a monthly basis.


Fixed Licensing Option: 

You may alternatively choose to buy permanent unlimited user licenses upfront. In this case the following pricing applies:

Base Packages
"Small Shop" 1 Server & 1 Client License $1,100
"Medium Shop" 1 Server & 6 Client Licenses $2,300
"Large Shop" 1 Server & 10 Client Licenses $4,000
Expansion Options

PSched Viewer (Shop Floor Data Collection)

1 Workflow Manager Server & Unlimited Client Licenses

Single Client License Upgrade Pack $400
5 Client License Upgrade Pack $1,800
10 Client License Upgrade Pack $3,400

If you aren't sure which package is right for you, we are happy to help assess your needs.

Click here see more about PSched Licenses... 

What about the cost for Support?

We offer both implementation and follow-on support services. The pricing for these services depends on the level of support you wish to receive as it relates to the number of hours of on-site services, training and implementation. 

If you choose the Fixed Licensing Option the cost for follow-on Support is typically about 20% of the price for your PSched Licenses. The Utility Pricing includes a predefined number of support hours per year. We will gladly survey your specific business needs and recommend a suitable package and service combination.

Click here to see the PSched Support options... 

How much does Interface development cost?


The interface between PSched and your order estimating program is a primary advantage over other packages.  To stay competitive in the market, our desire is to provide interfaces to as many existing software packages as possible. Based on the order estimating program you use, there may be delays in the implementation if interface development is required. We will gladly work out these details with you at the appropriate time.

Are there any equipment costs associated with PSched?

The answer depends on your current technical infrastructure.  For example, you may need to invest in a PC to use as a Server or add a workstation.  Or it is possible your current equipment is satisfactory.  Because we are focused on helping you get the most value for your money, PSched and PSched Viewer were designed with economy in mind.  We do NOT require you to buy the latest and greatest versions of hardware or operating systems.

We do offer you the option to buy a completely preinstalled, pre-configured Server Appliance to save you the installation and configuration of a custom piece of equipment from the ground up.

You will need a Database Management Software (MySQL) for PSched to store its data. This software may already exist in you office and PSched may be able to leverage it. If you do not already have a MySQL server installed we will gladly resell a license to you at our discounted dealer price or $295.

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How do I order PSched Licenses and/or Support?

It couldn't be easier...just contact us and we'll work through the details together!

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* An additional $295 may be required for a MySQL Database Server License, which In Scope Solutions, Inc. provides at cost. See also Technical Requirements.
** Actual prices vary due to volume discounts based on actualjob count per month. Contact us for more details.

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