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is a productivity tool whose primary goal is to reduce the loss of income resulting from unplanned activity and customer dissatisfaction.  Because of this, PSched pays for itself immediately. The benefits of PSched scale with the size of your business and the quality of your current scheduling system whether that is a manual or partially automated one. Our Utility Licensing Model supports the approach of minimizing your risk and maximizing you Return On Investment (ROI) by eliminating the need for up front investments in software licenses. You simply realize the benefits while you use the tool and your investment scales with your usage.

PSched is the employee you always wanted! 

It stays informed of any schedule or job change and proactively informs your staff of "bad" situations while providing the expertise of an experienced scheduler at everyone's fingertips.

Quantifiable Benefits of PSched 

  • Reduction of missed deadlines leads to increased Customer retention.
  • Reduction of unplanned, non-recoverable overtime saves money and frees up valuable production resources.
  • Reduction of scheduling time through simplicity allows rapid adjustment of scheduled activity to real life conditions.
  • Reduction of errors during data entry through automation means less time spent on scheduling.
  • Real-time production capacity overview allows clear decisions and assessments of capabilities and reduces fact finding effort.

The graphic to the right indicates how much cost savings PSched can provide on an annual basis if the following assumptions are made:

  • 1% of all orders in your shop misses the deadline every year or requires non-recoverable overtime.

  • 1% of those jobs lead to a lost account due to customer dissatisfaction.

  • Average normal hourly cost is $8.25 and overtime cost is $20.

  • PSched is able to remove 50% of both, the lost accounts and the unplanned overtime and reduces scheduling time for 80% of all orders.

Intangible Benefits

Beside the monetary benefits PSched provides to your business there are several more abstract, harder to quantify benefits. Primarily PSched provides status and utilization information at any time for any job or purpose. Whether a customer calls for status information or your staff needs the approval status of a work order, PSched provides the data in seconds. On top of that, PSched makes sure the staff is aware of any violation of "Scheduling Rules" and can act appropriately to avoid conflicts of any kind. These benefits and many others, ultimately lead to a smoother, more organized and professional work environment where chaos is replaced with management.

Let's be realistic!

No single productivity tool will ever be able to entirely remove the risk of missed deadlines or unforeseen delays. The quality of the data in the tool almost always depends on the tool's configuration and it's adaptation to your specific business environment. PSched, minimizes these situation to the largest degree possible while requiring only a reasonable investment in technology. 

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