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Licensing Questions on

How is PSched licensed?

In Scope Solutions, Inc. offer tow Software Licensing options:

The Utility Licensing Model and the Fixed Licensing Model.


Under a Utility License* The PSched Server will periodically report the number of scheduled jobs to In Scope Solutions, Inc. and we will bill you a Flat Fee per job you schedule. Billing, Payments and licensing are integrated and you will have no limitation on how many Full PSched Clients or PSched Viewer Clients you install. There is no up front investment except for a flat Setup Fee to initiate the integration of your installation into our systems.


Under a Fixed License the PSched license requirements are determined by the  number of users that you want to be able to log into the PSched Server concurrently (at the same time). The server limits the number of concurrent connections based on the installed license code. You can install the PSched Client on as many workstations (PCs) as you wish, but only the number of users less than or equal to the number of Client Licenses you purchased can use PSched concurrently. 


How is PSched Viewer licensed?

Under a Utility License Shop Floor Data Collection is simply rolled in to the Flat Fee. (See "How much does PSched cost?" for details) 


Under a Fixed License if you chose the optional Shop Floor Data Collection Package, PSched Viewer can also be installed on as many Workstations as you wish. The difference is that there is not a limit to the number of concurrent connections for using PSched Viewer.  PSched Viewer is provided in the shop floor data collection package as a flat-fee license together with the Workflow Manager Server.

Fixed License Model only:
How many licenses do I need?

The answer depends on how many concurrent users you will have in your shop and if you chose to use Shop Floor Data Collection.  Typically the Scheduler(s) and/or Customer Service Reps (CSRs), Department Managers and executive users will want access to PSched on an all-day every-day basis.  

The following example may help you determine your licensing needs:

ABC Printing  has three departments, Prep, Printing and Finishing. 

The Printing and Finishing department are managed by the same person. Three CSR's perform the role of the Schedulers. There are two Executives who take turns accessing PSched.  The rest of the company uses the Shop Floor Data Collection Package, PSched Viewer, for viewing and progress reporting purposes.


Client Licenses


2 One for each Department Manager
3 One for each CSR
  1   Shared by the executives as they won't access PSched concurrently


Additional Client licenses are not needed for the shop floor users to access PSched Viewer.


  Server Licenses Type


PSched Server


Workflow Manager (for Shop Floor Data Collection)

If you are still unsure how many licenses you need,

Click here to Contact Us ... and we'll work with you to make the correct determination for your needs.

* Requires a Public Internet connection for periodic usage reporting and License renewal.

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