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Here are the support option combinations we think could work for you:

PayPerCall / PayPerUpgrade / PayPerVisit (Pay As You Go)
With this "Support Package", you pay as you need support.  The control of the support requirements are completely up to you.  Whenever you utilize our services we bill for the applicable time, resources and expenses. This option provides maximum flexibility at minimum commitment.
PhoneSupport with PayPerUpgrade / PayPerVisit
Receive the benefit of cost distribution for telephone support and remote administration while paying for additional services only when you use them.  Get answers to your day-to-day support questions via the telephone at a monthly fixed rate. Then pay for the upgrades and any necessary on-site visits when you are ready for them.
PhoneSupport / SoftwareMaintenance with PayPerVisit
Don't be scared to upgrade your system to the latest software versions because of the cost.  Our SoftwareMaintenance agreement provides you all upgrades for PSched, PSched Server, WorkFlowManager and PSched Viewer during the term of your contract.  Together  with PhoneSupport and Remote Administration Services, you remain updated the latest and greatest functionality at all times.  We apply patches (bug fixes) and migrate your system to the newest version of PSched automatically when new versions are available.  All this under one contract!  If an on-site visit is determined to be necessary, pay for it at that time. 
PhoneSupport / SoftwareMaintenance / OnSite Support (all inclusive)
Eliminate any guesswork involved in Support costs.  If your PSched implementation is large and you want us to perform Upgrades, Training and Emergency Repairs on your premises, this is a great option to reduce your overall cost. Start with getting your questions answered over the phone and via remote support. Include SoftwareMaintenance to stay on the latest version of PSched. Then, have us come to your business when our presence is desired.  All at predictable charges based on pre-established fees.

(All Packaged Support Services and Contractual Based Support Services are subject to restrictions and limitations as outlined in your individual contract) 

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