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VendorManagerô is a simple and sophisticated organizer program that lets you consolidate contact information for the vendors providing services to you. Once the data is collected the information is readily available to everyone in the company.

VendorManager's primary features include:

 - Vendor Information window to collect:

- Vendor Name

- Postal Address

- Contact Phone Numbers

- Email Addresses

- Web Site Address

- Info field for pages of text and detail information

- Service links Field to assign service categories to vendors 

- Service Configuration Window to:

- Establish new and maintain Service Categories

- Rank vendors within service categories

- One-click vendor listings

- Search window allowing search for words and phrases in Vendor Names, Service Categories and Vendors' "Info" field.

- Easy to use link/unlink features to establish relationships between vendors and services.

- Password protection and operator privileges optional

Define Service categories and Vendors, then assign vendors to services and determine their relative preference of use within each Service Category.

"VendorManager is one of the most productive and helpful tools in our shop. Without it we had to go through pages of notes and still wouldn't have all the information we needed to decide which Supplier to order which services and materials from. VendorManager reduces the difficult guesswork to a simple mouse click. We use it on a daily basis and wouldn't want to miss it."
says Drew Bergen, President of Zip Print in Amarillo, TX.

Let VendorManager help you organize your Suppliers! Download it today absolutely FREE!*

What are the Technical Requirements for VendorManager?

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How do I obtain VendorManager?

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* The VendorManager setup package contains third party software that may or may not be free of charge depending on the manufacturer's license agreements. Be sure to read, understand and honor the restrictions and requirements of all license agreements during the installation process.

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