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Commercial Software Products

PSched provides job scheduling and job management capabilities specifically designed for the commercial printing business. Special features such as configurable rules for automatic job loading and scheduling, prioritization based on special conditions and advanced proof management are only a small part of the benefit PSched brings to your business. 

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Freeware/Shareware Products


VendorManager is the ultimate tool to bring organization into your supplier relationships. Collect all your vendors' contact information, store descriptive text and keywords about the services they provide, organize and rank them according to the service groups and preference of use in your company. The  search the vendor name, keywords or text information or service categories for the preferred vendor during day-to-day activity. It was never easier to make everyone in your company aware of who the preferred vendor for what service is. 

And the best thing is: It's absolutely FREE! 
No strings attached. Just download, install and use it right away. You'll love it!

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FTPWatcher is a productivity tool designed to manage the incoming file streams from your clients while reducing the administrative overhead. Traditional file transfer protocol (FTP) solutions typically require manual file administration and polling for new files and versions.  FTPWatcher is different!  It automates these functions and alerts your staff visually and audibly of new arriving files, moves them to a secure location and even manages file versions. 

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