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Reference Materials:

Glossary of Writing Terms


  • Assembly Instructions are a set of step by step directions for putting together a specific object. This can take the form of a pamphlet, single sheet of paper or card, or a multi-page document. This type of writing falls under Technical Writing.

  • Assessments are tools used to evaluate the effectiveness of training material or to evaluate an individual’s current knowledge level. These can be created as True/False statements, fill in the blank, multiple choice, ranking or essay questions (although essay is not typically used in the corporate environment). This type of writing falls under Instructional Development.


  • Brochures are small booklets or pamphlets that contain promotional material or product information. There are several types of single-sheet brochure folds available depending on the content need and printing budget: bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, etc. Booklet brochures are multiple sheets that are saddle stitched or perfect-bound and result in eight panels or more. This type of writing falls under Marketing Materials.

  • Business Writing is any kind of writing assignment done specifically for a business. To simplify this category, we classify it as writing for the internal players of the business itself, or writing for the bottom line of the business. 


  • Children’s Stories are entertaining and sometimes educational stories written for children between 3 and 10 years of age. This type of writing falls under Fiction Writing.

  • Content Writing is the aspect of providing relevant information or text content specifically for websites. A good content writer is skilled at research, analysis, and adapting themselves to meet the needs of their clients.


  • Fiction Writing is the art of capturing a story in written form. This is also sometimes referred to as “Creative Writing”.

  • Flyers are a single sheet of printed advertising. These are typically used for community-based advertising. This type of writing falls under Marketing Materials.


  • Instructional Development is an expanded category that focuses on providing materials that assist in improving employee knowledge and performance.  


  • Job Aids are tools that describe the use of various processes, procedures, or applications. They are typically used for quick reference and to enhance job performance. Job Aids can take the form of pocket cards, graphs, templates, tables, checklists or posters. This type of writing falls under Instructional Development.

  • Job Competencies are skills, technical knowledge and personal attributes that enable successful people to perform well in their job. The unifying feature of these factors is their ability to help distinguish high performers from others in the same job. Competency Analysis gives you a picture of the job, how it is done most effectively, and a strategic picture of how the job is leveraged against the demands of the business. This type of writing falls under Instructional Development.


  • Marketing Materials are promotional materials and/or informational materials used to sell you and your services. These are the written pieces that communicate value to your prospects and customers.


  • Newsletters are regularly published communications to a specific special interest group or business community. They can be produced on paper or electronically. This type of writing falls under Business Writing.


  • Postcards are a less expensive form of mass marketing due to their size, lack of envelope and postage requirements. The marketing information is typically concise, and eye-catching in design. This type of writing falls under Marketing Materials.

  • Presentations are the slide content and notes needed to visually and orally communicate your ideas to an audience. The slides may contain graphs, bullets, pictures, and/or paragraphs to communicate the desired information. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is the software most commonly used. This type of writing falls under Instructional Development or Business Writing.

  • Process Analysis is a planned research activity that provides insight into the organization, job or workplace. During the analysis, the consultant(s) identifies opportunities, finds and describes problems, asks recurring questions, establishes hypotheses, eliminates possibilities, breaks out parts and elements, separates fact from fiction, and then renders judgments and recommendations. This type of writing falls under Business Writing.

  • Process Documentation is created and used to ensure employees understand your company’s processes and knows which area to contact when there is a problem or a change is needed. It allows the user to understand the entire flow of an organization or department – the inputs to a given process and where they come from, the process itself, and the outputs from the process and where they go next. This type of writing falls under Technical Writing.

  • Proposals are the written plan or response put together for the consideration of another person or company. These typically include an overview of the requestor and their situation, the scope of the proposed solution, the resources required, the approach or methodology to be used, a timeline or schedule, and the associated pricing for the solution. This type of writing falls under Business Writing.


  • Screen Capture Documentation is the layout of transactions as they are performed during the recording of an application demonstration. The captured transaction is later accompanied by separately recorded Audio and/or written definitions. This type of writing falls under Script Writing.

  • Script Writing is creating the screenplay for spoken word recordings or the intended flow of activity for a multimedia project. 

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) SMEs are expert on the specific topic and may be from your company or sometimes even within In Scope Solutions, Inc!


  • Technical Writing involves reducing complex technical concepts into concise, easy to understand language that allows the technical or non-technical audience to perform a task in a specific way. This style of writing is used in fields as varied as information technology, scientific areas, aerospace, automotive, finance, and consumer electronics. 

  • Trade Articles are written for a specific business trade or industry and contain information that is relevant to that industry. This type of writing falls under Content Writing.

  • Training Manuals are used as accompaniment to instruction and may consist of Participant Guides and Instructor Guides. Participant Guides typically contain course objectives, task or performance instructions, content summaries, exercises, and are graphic intensive. Instructor Guides contain instructional hints, tips and content as well as the same information provided in the Participant Guides. This type of writing falls under Instructional Development.

  • Translation is more than a word for word conversion from one language to another. It involves interpreting of the meaning of a text and the subsequently producing an equivalent text that communicates the same message in another language. The "source text" is the text to be translated. ”Target language" is the language the source text is to be translated into. 


  • User Manuals, or user guides, are intended to provide assistance to individuals using a particular system or process. Typically they contain written instructions and screenshots or diagrams. This type of writing falls under Technical Writing.


  • Video Demonstrations are instructional movies created to visualize complex procedures or emphasize particular words in a set of instructions by creating a clear image in the viewers’ memory. These types of visual aids can be used to teach the viewer anything from computer programs to how to use a coffee maker. This type of writing falls under Script Writing.


  • White Papers are a report or document used to educate, identify problems/issues, and provide possible solutions. They can also be used as a sales and marketing tool as a means of promoting the benefits of a specific business approach, technology or product. This type of writing falls under Technical Writing.

  • Web Page Design and Editing covers the process of creating and updating a web page from concept through deployment on the Internet. This type of writing falls under Content Writing.

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