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Dragon Stories

Dragon's Christmas (Part 1)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


Mom and Dad had been out shopping. When they came home, they had a tree in the trunk of the car. It was a real Christmas tree. Dragon slid down the banister in order to get downstairs as fast as possible. 

“Watch out, Dragon,” Dad said as he brought the tree in through the back door. “I can’t see you with this big tree in front of me. I don’t want to step on your tail.”

Dragon held onto his tail and moved back. He definitely did not want to get his tail stepped on. Once Dad got the tree in the stand and positioned into place, Dragon inched a bit closer.

“Where are all the lights, and balls, and ornaments, and presents? Doesn’t that all come with the tree?” asked Dragon, still holding onto his tail.

“The lights and ornaments are in a big box in the attic,” answered Mom. “Dad still needs to go up there and bring the box back down here. The presents aren’t wrapped yet. No peeking in any sacks, Dragon.”

“Can I get the big box with the lights out of the attic?” asked Dragon.

“No, Dragon. The box is quite heavy and the ladder to the attic is a bit rickety,” replied Dad. “You can help by holding the ladder. Then, maybe Mom will let you help decorate the tree.”

Dragon could hardly wait to see all the pretty ornaments. He carefully held the bottom of the ladder so it was more secure as Dad climbed into the attic. Dad was right; it was a very big box. Almost as big as the one Dragon came to Texas in. There had to be lots of ornaments and lights in it. Once Dad got the box in the Living Room, Dragon hurried over and started taking out the lights. Before Mom had a chance to help him, Dragon got all tangled up in the lights.

“Dragon, maybe we should just plug in the lights and finish decorating you instead of the tree!” laughed Mom as she started taking lights off Dragon’s horns. “You need to be very careful because Christmas ornaments and lights are breakable. It’s probably better if I unpack these things.”

Dragon finished unwinding the lights from his tail. He decided it was best to sit on the couch and watch Dad put the lights on the tree. Then, when Mom had the ornaments unpacked, he would be ready to put them on the tree.


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