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Dragon Stories

Dragon's Snowman (Part 1)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


It was morning and time for Dragon to get out of bed. He was very comfortable all snuggled into the blankets. “I’ll just stick one foot out to test the room temperature,” Dragon said. “Burr! That’s really cold! I wonder why the room is so much colder this morning.”

Dragon got out of bed and went to the window. He kept his blankie wrapped around him to stay warm.

“Wow!” Dragon exclaimed. “Everything outside is covered in white puffy stuff!”

“That’s snow, Dragon,” explained Mom. “It snowed all night. That’s why it is so cold this morning. After breakfast, you can help Dad shovel a path to the gate.”

Dragon was excited about helping with this chore. He hurried downstairs and put his breakfast dishes on the table. As he waited for Mom and Dad, Dragon noticed tracks in the snow. “Humm…who has been walking around in the backyard?” Dragon wondered as he walked to the glass sliding door for a closer look. “Oh! It must have been the birds. They sure made funny footprints.”

Mom and Dad came downstairs and they all ate a good breakfast – toast and jelly -Dragon’s favorite. Dragon helped clear the table then put on his jacket, a scarf, mittens and his red boots. He was ready to go outside in the snow.

“Hurry, Dad! I want to play in the snow before it melts!” Dragon shouted.

“Don’t worry, Dragon, it’s still too cold for the snow to melt. Anyway, we have chores to do before you can play in the snow. You were going to help me shovel a path to the gate,” said Dad. “If you bring me my boots, then I’ll be ready that much faster.”

Dragon hurried over to Dad’s boots. He tried to lift them, but they were too heavy. So Dragon put them on over his boots and shuffled over to where Dad was sitting. Mom almost fell out of her chair laughing at Dragon in Dad’s big boots. After Dad put his boots on and made sure Dragon’s jacket was zipped up, they went into the garage to get the shovel. 

“This is going to be lots of fun,” Dragon told Dad.
“It will be a new adventure for you. This is your first time in the snow,” replied Dad. “When we breathe out, we’ll both smoke just like fire breathing dragons. That’s because it is so cold outside.”


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