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Dragon Stories

Dragon Finds His Family (Part 1)

By Sarah and Wolfgang Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a factory with many workers. They were all short and wore large round straw hats. It was a sunny day when, in this factory, a little dragon was born – or rather – made. He was a little animal with green fur, a fat yellow tummy and blue horns. And because they didn’t have any passports for little furry dragons the workers sewed a little tag on his leg that said “Made in China”. Once the tag was in place, the little dragon was stuffed into a large box. When the lid was closed it was dark and quiet.

The small dragon was one of many furry animals in the box but he didn’t know any of them. Since it was dark and quiet in the box, the dragon decided to go to sleep. He must have been very tired because he slept for several weeks. Every now and then he woke up because the box was bumping around and there were loud noises, but for the most part he slept. 

After a few weeks, the box was finally opened and all the animals were unloaded. But this place didn’t look like the factory at all. There were shelves and cages and lots and lots of animals. Many more than were in the box the dragon had been in.

It was a rather loud place.  People were handling the animals, stuffing them into large plastic bags and pushing buttons and making bells ring. Other people coming in and pointing at the animals they wanted. Then the people that stuffed them into the bags climbed the shelves and collected the animals for the people who were pointing.

The fury green dragon with blue horns sat in his shelf for a few days until a short fat man came in and pointed at him. Sure enough, one of the bag stuffers climbed up on the shelf, grabbed the dragon and into a big bag he went. There were strange animals in the bag. Pink elephants, yellow dogs, blue cats, red giraffes, orange bears and other strangely colored things he couldn’t even describe. The man wrestled the bag around, threw it onto a truck and drove off. The dizzy dragon peeked through a small hole in the bag and  was able to see the countryside for the first time in his life.

 “Strange,” he thought, “all the animals in this bag are different sizes and colors and there are so many of them. We must be going to a place with lots of children. There can’t be any other explanation for a short fat man collecting so many furry animals. I hope I get adopted by a very good owner.”

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