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This and That:
Learning Financial Responsibility


Many individuals in the US and around the world are struggling with their financial situation these days. The reasons are wide spread. From the general economic conditions to recent stock market changes to loosing their jobs or simply making or having made bad financial decisions, everyone has their own combination of reasons to look into and adjust their behavior when it comes to managing their money. Having survived many of these conditions myself and learned from successful people by observation, I am amazed at the lack of understanding and recognition of the importance of basic financial management practices that I observe in colleagues, friends and neighbors.

This book was created not as a way to get you out of such a bad situation, although most of the principals and techniques are helpful in such a situation. It was primarily created to serve as a tool kit that helps raise this awareness and explains, in simple terms, the basics of establishing a healthy financial environment. There are lots of books out there that give advice about investing and how to generate wealth once you already are financially in good shape. I donít want to claim the expertís knowledge in investment types, portfolio management, stock market and other professional advisors. In this book, I simply take the approach of explaining to you the absolute basics you need to know to avoid ending up with tens of thousands of credit card debt and being at risk of losing your home or having to file for bankruptcy.

Believe me, I wasn't born with this knowledge. Most of the content is based on either the principals I was lucky to have been brought up with or on ďthe school of hard knocksĒ, as many call the experience category. I didnít write anything in this book that I didnít either try myself or research extensively. Therefore, everything in this book is proven, basic Financial 101. However, I ask for leniency from the experts or critics, as I am not a financial guru and do not have an extensive financial education. The focus in this book is on simplicity and basics, not on completeness and professional accuracy.

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