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This and That:

Flat Stanley's Travel Adventures

Flat Stanley's Journal (Part 1)  

Adventures with Jane and Bob Miller
November through December, 2004
By Sarah and Wolfgang Blauen

November 10, 2004
I arrived at the residence of Jane and Bob Miller in Plano, Texas. Traveling by mail is a bit exhausting. It took several minutes to unfold and stay flat. The Miller’s seem nice. They let me take a nap on the kitchen counter.

November 12, 2004
After several days of rest I feel much better. The Millers let me call them “Miss Jane” and “Mr. Bob”. They have a few friends for me to meet; Dragon, Warty the Wildeschwein (wild pig), Snoopy and Woodstock. I’m nervous about meeting Dragon since dragons breathe fire. You know what happens when fire touches paper, yikes!

November 13, 2004
Well, I have explored the entire house except the Master bedroom because that’s where Dragon lives. The Millers have been doing some remodeling in the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, library and den. I got to see some “before the remodel” pictures. The changes look great! I even got to help Mr. Bob texture the ceiling in the kitchen and lay some tile in the laundry room. He was really patient with me. 

November 14, 2004
Boy, we had some excitement today! Miss Jane was painting the edge of the sofit in the kitchen while I watched. At one point, she needed more paint and was stepping backward off the step stool. Unfortunately, there was a six-pack of Cream Soda behind her and she stepped on it. This threw Miss Jane off balance and she went crashing to the floor. I tried to warn her but she couldn’t hear me. When the step stool fell over on her leg I was worried she would get flattened. All the noise really scared Mr. Bob and he came running from the office. Miss Jane was lucky though, she only ended up with several bruises. The whole event brought back memories of my accident with the bulletin board.

November 16, 2004
Miss Jane and I did some errands today. We went to Wal-Mart for canned food, hairspray, shampoo and Diet Coke. Wal-Mart is a big store, but if you have seen one of them you have basically seen them all. I did like waving to the Greeter when we entered the store. Next we went to Whole Foods Market to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, chocolate-covered raisins, water and bread. This is a neat store because they let us sample lots of things. I liked the Pumpkin Bread best. Our last trip was to Hirsh’s Meat Market. The cases were full of all different cuts of meat and sausages. They even have Beef Jerky that they make themselves! I got to see more of Plano as we drove around. I think it has many of the same restaurants as in Coppell.

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