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Business Analysis and Consulting 

Business Analysis and Consulting examines the link between the performance of individuals and the process they carry out within the organization. 

Based on the client’s needs, we use two different types of analysis… 

  • Needs Analysis evaluates the client’s situation and determination of a training reengineering, or job competencies solution. The analysis includes a client profile, situation constraints, work plan, scope, and impact of the training or documentation solution.

  • Task Analysis details the subtasks for each task; the situation in which a task is performed; the consequences of performing it. The analysis includes the necessary skills for beginning the task, steps, behavioral attributes, resources required to do the task, and the outputs of the task.

The Business Analysis Report provided by In Scope Solutions, Inc. reveals factors that impact given performance efforts and their resulting outputs. These factors include:

  • How the organization, process, or job should operate to achieve its goals

  • What is actually happening and why

  • What corrective strategies and solutions should be taken

After the analysis is complete, the information can be used to design customized training solutions, document the current the business process and identify areas for growth and/or improvement. 

At In Scope Solutions Inc., our solutions are developed with the mindset that functionality and price must follow business benefit. Contact Us … we’re ready to put our expertise to work for you.

“Throughout our long-term partnership, we have come to rely on In-Scope Solution's business expertise and ability to assess business challenges, and then design, and develop solutions that consistently meet and exceed our business needs. They ask the right questions to help identify pragmatic, on-target HR, training, organizational development, and technology solutions...and they always deliver the right results! In-Scope Solutions, Inc. continuously proves to be an invaluable partner in helping us achieve customer care excellence, employee satisfaction and productivity, and profitability for our company.”

— Kelley Spencer
Learning and Development Partner
Rhino Innovations Training


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