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Instructional Development is an expanded category that focuses on providing materials that assist in improving employee knowledge and performance. Each Instructional Development solution is created to meet your specific needs. 

The Instructional Development Services provided by In Scope Solutions Inc. include…

  • Training Manuals are used as accompaniment to instruction and may consist of Participant Guides and Instructor Guides. Participant Guides typically contain course objectives, task or performance instructions, content summaries, exercises, and are graphic intensive. Instructor Guides contain instructional hints, tips and content as well as the same information provided in the Participant Guides.
  • Job Aids are tools that describe the use of various processes, procedures, or applications. They are typically used for quick reference and to enhance job performance. Job Aids can take the form of pocket cards, graphs, templates, tables, checklists or posters.
  • Presentations are the slide content and notes needed to visually and orally communicate your ideas to an audience. The slides may contain graphs, bullets, pictures, and/or paragraphs to communicate the desired information. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is the software most commonly used.
  • Assessments are tools used to evaluate the effectiveness of training material or to evaluate an individual’s current knowledge level. These can be created as True/False statements, fill in the blank, multiple choice, ranking or essay questions (although essay is not typically used in the corporate environment).
  • Job Competencies are skills, technical knowledge and personal attributes that enable successful people to perform well in their job. The unifying feature of these factors is their ability to help distinguish high performers from others in the same job. Competency Analysis gives you a picture of the job, how it is done most effectively, and a strategic picture of how the job is leveraged against the demands of the business.

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