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Technical Writing involves reducing complex technical concepts into concise, easy to understand language that allows the technical or non-technical audience to perform a task in a specific way. This style of writing is used in fields as varied as information technology, scientific areas, aerospace, automotive, finance, and consumer electronics. 

Our Technical Writing Services include…

  • User Manuals, or user guides, are intended to provide assistance to individuals using a particular system or process. Typically they contain written instructions and screenshots or diagrams. 
  • Assembly Instructions are a set of step by step directions for putting together a specific object. This can take the form of a pamphlet, single sheet of paper or card, or a multi-page document.
  • White Papers are a report or document used to educate, identify problems/issues, and provide possible solutions. They can also be used as a sales and marketing tool as a means of promoting the benefits of a specific business approach, technology or product.
  • Process Documentation is created and used to ensure employees understand your company’s processes and knows which area to contact when there is a problem or a change is needed. It allows the user to understand the entire flow of an organization or department – the inputs to a given process and where they come from, the process itself, and the outputs from the process and where they go next.

The writers at In Scope Solutions, Inc. work with you to ensure the content is correct by conducting content research, gathering information from existing documentation, and from interviewing subject matter experts (SME). SMEs are expert on the specific topic and may be from your company or sometimes even within In Scope Solutions, Inc!

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