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Demo Video V1.03
Explore the capabilities and power of Dynamic real-time scheduling and Job Status Tracking with PSched.
This 15 minute audio and video clip selection explains the basic components of PSched and demonstrates in easy to follow steps the processes involved in job importing, automatic scheduling and manual schedule manipulation. Get a view into the ease of use and the tools PSched provides to aid your employees in their day-to-day scheduling activities.


  • Click the link above and save the "" to a folder on your local hard drive.
    Due to the large size of the file (272 MB) download the can take several hours to complete (approx. 8h 45min on 128kbps or 1h on 1.5Mbps).
    This ZIP file requires WinZip® or compatible de-compression software. 

  • Double-click the "" you have downloaded and unzip the package to a folder of your choice.

  • Once the extract has been completed (should be <1min) double-click the "DEMO.HTM" file to start the presentation.

This Demo does not require you to install any software on your computer. However, it assumes the following environment to be available:

  • MS Windows™ 98, ME, 2000 or XP Operating System

  • MS Internet Explorer™ 4.1 or later

  • MS MediaPlayer™ 8 or later

  • Working Soundcard and Speakers

VendorManager Installation Package
Save the VMsetup.exe to a location on your computer and the run it locally to extract the content and perform the installation. Follow the instructions on the screen during the different setup procedures. We strongly suggest you keep and acknowledge all the default settings during the setup procedure for best results. The Setup program will also install the Manual on your local computer in the application's Program directory. An additional "Readme" file contains information related to manual procedures not directly related to the standard installation.
ATTENTION: This setup package contains third party software that may or may not be free of charge depending on the manufacturer's license agreements. Be sure to read, understand and honor the restrictions and requirements of all license agreements during the installation process.
You will need Administrator privileges to install this software. If you don't have these privileges please contact your network Administrator. Please refer to the Technical requirements before attempting the installation.

Click here to download VendorManager...
VendorManager is provided as is with no Support! We will happily help you install and troubleshoot the VendorManager components at an hourly consulting fee of $55.00 US.

FTPWatcher Installation Package
Download the fully functional demo version of FTPWatcher for evaluation from here and contact us to receive a license key later. "Play" with the tool and validate FTPWatcher's value to your business. Then make an informed buying decision.
FTPWatcher is provided as is with no Support. To receive our free 1 hour installation support you must purchase a license for $45.00 US.

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