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Business Writing is any kind of writing assignment done specifically for a business. To simplify this category, we classify it as writing for the internal players of the business itself, or writing for the bottom line of the business. 

Our Business Writing Services include…

  • Proposals are the written plan or response put together for the consideration of another person or company. These typically include an overview of the requestor and their situation, the scope of the proposed solution, the resources required, the approach or methodology to be used, a timeline or schedule, and the associated pricing for the solution.
  • Process Analysis is a planned research activity that provides insight into the organization, job or workplace. During the analysis, the consultant(s) identifies opportunities, finds and describes problems, asks recurring questions, establishes hypotheses, eliminates possibilities, breaks out parts and elements, separates fact from fiction, and then renders judgments and recommendations.
  • Presentations are the slide content and notes needed to visually and orally communicate your ideas to an audience. The slides may contain graphs, bullets, pictures, and/or paragraphs to communicate the desired information. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is the software most commonly used.
  • Newsletters are regularly published communications to a specific special interest group or business community. They can be produced on paper or electronically.

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