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Marketing Materials are promotional materials and/or informational materials used to sell you and your services. These are the written pieces that communicate value to your prospects and customers.

We can develop the content you need for the following Marketing Materials

  • Brochures are small booklets or pamphlets that contain promotional material or product information. There are several types of single-sheet brochure folds available depending on the content need and printing budget: bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, etc. Booklet brochures are multiple sheets that are saddle stitched or perfect-bound and result in eight panels or more.
  • Flyers are a single sheet of printed advertising. These are typically used for community-based advertising.
  • Postcards are a less expensive form of mass marketing due to their size, lack of envelope and postage requirements. The marketing information is typically concise, and eye-catching in design.

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