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In Scope Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of Consulting Services to help you grow your business, increase you productivity and reduce the time you need to spend in the office. We can help you achieve the state where you can focus on running and growing your business as opposed to fighting fires and doing the work yourself. From overhead reduction through employee training to IT Management services. We use tried and true methods to save you time, effort and money. Contact us and Give us a try.
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This and That

Dragon Stories

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


Dragon is a little furry stuffed animal that experiences all kinds of adventures. Here you can read all about his exciting travels and the friends he makes while he lives with his human Mom and Dad.

These are some of the exciting activities that have happened to Dragon so far:

Dragon Finds his Family
New Friends for Dragon
(coming soon)
Dragon Travels to Germany
Detective Dragon
The Soccer Match
Dragon's Christmas
Dragon's Snowman
Dragon's Road Trip
A Medal for Dragon
The Backyard Explorers


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