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Flat Stanley's Travel Adventures

Flat Stanley's Journal (Part 6)  

Adventures with Jane and Bob Miller
November through December, 2004
By Sarah and Wolfgang Blauen

December 5, 2004
Mr. Bob’s mother, Mrs. Miller, is having a birthday party at her house. More new people to meet! Of course there were Mr. and Mrs. Miller, and then some of Mr. Bob’s other relatives – Tante (Aunt) Rosi and Onkel (Uncle) Peter and his sister Anne. Mrs. Miller opened her presents and then fed us a big meal she had made. We ate “Sauerbraten” (marinated roast beef) and “Knödel” (potato dumplings) with dark brown gravy, and a large vegetable platter of sliced mushrooms with bacon bits, green bean bundles wrapped in bacon, green peas and little round carrots. Later we had coffee with two homemade cakes: a yellow cake filled with a thick layer of fluffy cream cheese with Mandarin oranges and a fresh plum torte. Everything was delicious! I found out later that this is Mrs. Miller’s typical holiday and special occasion meal. She’s fixing Sauerbraten again for Christmas – yum!
Mr. and Mrs. Miller live in a little house with a park-like back yard that leads into the woods! We had fun watching the birds and red squirrels eat sunflower seeds in the bird feeder.

December 8, 2004
Today we bought the Christmas tree. It is 7 feet tall and the branches have enough space for the ornaments to hang just right. Mr. Bob put the tree in the stand and then put on the lights and the top ornament. Miss Jane and I took our time to get out all the ornaments and hang them on the tree. Mr. Bob took a break from working and came back down to put a few colored balls on too. Later Miss Jane and I will hang the garlands on the banisters. 

December 11, 2004
Mr. Bob and his bowling club had a tournament this afternoon. Miss Jane and I didn’t get to go because it was for “Members Only”. Miss Jane has bowled with them in past and explained it was a German style of bowling called “Kegeln”. The track is thinner and the ball is smaller and made from wood without finger holes. When Mr. Bob came home he was very happy because his club won the tournament against three other teams!

December 13, 2004
Today we put on our old clothes and spent the day working on the Party Room. Mr. Bob had to put 3 coats of clear varnish on the under side of the wooden bar top and let it dry. Next, we cut the holes in the countertop for the sink and two drain pans. We couldn’t mount the countertop, sink or pans yet because the wooden bar top is not in place. Mr. Bob showed me how to run the wires for electricity and mount the outlet under the counter.

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